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My years of study in college taught me much about communicating ideas, but time and experience taught me to share myself instead. Today, I mostly create artwork based on whatever inspires me, whether it be people or everyday subjects, color, lines or texture.

My focus in the creation of work is, first and foremost, composition. Mediums may be selected based on desired result or simply what is functional at the moment. The tightness of forms or looseness of strokes is dependent on the medium used. Oils give a sense of freedom, therefore boasting looser strokes. With watercolor, color comes to the forefront, just after composition, as layers of colors build the work. Acrylic paintings are tighter, more closely resembling photographs, almost always with a single element of abstraction.

My art is a reflection of what I see and feel, rarely with any conscious depth beyond. I most often choose relatable subjects, valuing relationships over ideas.

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