Digital Marketing

The world has gone digital. Everyone and their dog has a digital presence, whether they like it or not. So how do you make your organization known amongst the millions of users and websites on the internet? More importantly, how do you reach the people you want to reach?

As it turns out, it isn’t enough to build a website or even post on social media. How your website is designed and built, search engine optimization (SEO), email marketing, social media and content are all contributing factors. Each can and should have its own strategy, but all those strategies should also work together. This is where I come in.

Allow me to help you identify the missing pieces to your digital marketing puzzle, so you can see the big picture come together. As pieces are put into place, you will begin seeing results.

Logo Design with Custom Favicon
Responsive Website Design
Custom Graphics
Event Photography
I worked a this passionate group of people at Lubbock Street Gourmet to design a website that would provide as a resource for individuals, groups and businesses wanting to learn more about this charity. This came on the heels of a lot of positive attention from the media.

The goal was to explain who they are, what they do and why. Since they are just starting out and are limited in the services they provide, we did not want to divide up the content on various pages, choosing, rather, to keep all of the pertinent information easily accessible on one page. There are additional pages that will continue grow with a gallery of images and a list of sponsors. We also chose to provide an opportunity for people to contact them about getting involved, though most of their support is received personally through networking and fundraising events which is better suited to their specific needs.

When I first met with Michael Seymour, Director of Communications, they had only a Facebook page to share their vision. I delivered a couple of logo concepts. After a little bit of discussion, I took the thoughts he shared from the team to draft the final concept. From there we discussed the desires for the website and the future of the charity. I went out with them one day to serve after also participating in a fundraising event. Through the experience I gained greater insight into the heart of what they do to serve their community. It was also an opportunity to take some photos for use on the website in addition to photos they provided.